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Preliminary Itinerary - Bali Tour August 2013!

This is a preliminary itinerary for our Bali Tour August 2013. This tour is a fifteen-day tour led by ethnobotanist Dr. Nathaniel Bletter and SNHU faculty member and anthropologist Cathy Silverman. The focus of this year's tour is medicinal herbs, healing techniques, traditional cooking, and Balinese culture and religion.

The following itinerary will give you a general idea of where we will be going and what some of the activities will be. We're happy to answer any questions you might have, so please feel free to contact us at

DAY 1:  Arrival Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar, Bali. We will spend the night in Ubud, the cultural capital of Bali.

DAY 2:  UBUD - In the morning, we will visit the famed Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Pura Dalem Agung  (Temple of the Dead), and a wonderful museum that houses the most comprehensive collection of Balinese painting on the island. During the afternoon, there will be opportunities for shopping for traditional Balinese arts & crafts, or to enjoy a relaxing Balinese massage. At night, we will attend a performance of the Kecak & Fire Dance, featuring traditional Balinese music and dance.

 DAY 3:  UBUD - In the morning, we will visit a traditional Balinese market. Then we will learn about traditional Balinese healing with a renown balian, who is an expert in medicinal plants and reflexi, which is a type of Balinese reflexology used for healing. Later in the afternoon, there will be opportunities to enjoy a traditional Balinese massage or do a little shopping in Ubud. In the evening, we will attend a Barong and Rangda performance at Ubud Palace.

DAY 4: LUWUS - In the morning, we will travel to Luwus, a village about an hour north of Ubud. There we will tour the village and visit a nearby botanical garden. For lunch, we will attend a traditional Balinese cooking class. After lunch, we will meet with a local balian and a Topeng dancer/mask maker. During Day 4 and 5, participants who wish may take a mask making class. In the evening, there will be a special performance for us by the Luwus village gamelan. After the performance,we will return to Ubud.

DAY 5: BEDUGAL - Today, we will visit the fruit and flower market in Candikuning and an ethnobotanical museum. We will also visit a sacred temple and take a tour of the area, where we will see rice terraces, cacao and clove trees, and vanilla farms. This will be the second day of mask making for those participating in this activity. In the evening, we will travel to Bedugal where we will spend the night. After our arrival, we will relax and enjoy the view of the lake!

DAY 6: BEDUGAL - Today we will explore a local cacao farm and collect the fresh cacao pods that we will ferment in order to make our own bean-to-bar chocolate from a week later. In the afternoon, we will explore the area around Munduk, known for its beautiful rice fields. In the evening, we will dine on the lake and enjoy a performance of Balinese dance.

DAY 7: LOVINA - In the morning, we will depart for Lovina located on the northern coast of Bali, famed for its black sand beach. On the way, we will visit a Buddhist temple. In the afternoon, there will be time to explore Lovina, shop, or enjoy the ocean!

DAY 8: LOVINA - In the morning, we will have the opportunity to view dolphins in the Bali Sea. In the afternoon, we will visit a local Balinese healer and learn about the use of traditional plants for medicine. After this we will enjoy a sunset dinner on the seashore.

DAY 9: LOVINA - Today we will take a class in local Balinese cooking, which will include a trip to the village market to pick up our ingredients. The evening will be free to explore the village of Lovina, where you can hear live music, sample some traditional cuisine and shop at the local stores along the beach.

DAY 10: SENGKIDU - Today, we will travel to Sengkidu on the southeastern coast of Bali. On the way, we will explore the Lake Batur and Gunung Agung volcano area, including the village of Penelokan. That evening will be spent at our bungalows on the beach!

DAY 11: SENGKIDU - Today we will learn how to make traditional Balinese offerings. There will also be an opportunity to participate in an offering ceremony using the offerings we have created. In the evening, we will enjoy a “festa,” a barbeque using local ingredients. Some of our local Balinese friends will attend the bbq and can answer questions you have about Balinese culture.

DAY 12: SENGKIDU - In the morning, we will take boat ride to a beautiful, secluded white sand beach or to a blue lagoon for snorkeling. In the afternoon, we will explore the nearby villages of Candidasa and Tenganan, a traditional Bali Aga community. There will also be opportunities for snorkeling in the afternoon at great spot just steps from our bungalows. 

DAY 13:  UBUD - Today, we will make our way back to Ubud. Along the way, we will visit local markets and the Kerta Gosa (Klung Kung Court of Justice). Evening is free to relax, get a massage, shop, and explore Ubud. For those who would like, there will be an opportunity to attend a Frog Dance performance. 

DAY 14:  UBUD - Today, we will take a class in making chocolate from the cacao beans we picked and fermented the week before, where you will leave with a bar you hand crafted yourself direct from the fresh fruit! We will also visit a traditional healer and learn about how local plants are used for healing. Evening is free to relax, get a traditional Balinese massage, shop, and/or explore Ubud! There will also be an opportunity to attend a Wayang kulit (shadow puppet) performance.

DAY 15:  UBUD - Today, we will enjoy our last day in Ubud and make our way to Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar for an evening departure.

Kecak performance

Offering making

Ricefield view

Weaving, Singaraja

Peliatan temple

Court of Justice detail

Barong and Rangda

typical hotel breakfast

Sengkidu room view

Mask making, Luwus