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Cathy Silverman

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CATHY SILVERMAN specializes in the research and preservation of indigenous music and religion. She earned a B.A. in International Affairs from Mary Washington College and a M.F.A. in Music from California Institute of the Arts where she worked and collaborated with musicians and artists from around the world including Indonesia, Africa, Siberia, and India. She is a past grant-recipient of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Inc. and the American Public University System. Cathy is also the co-founder of the Nada Brahma Foundation, whose projects have included research and documentation in Mexico, Guatemala, the Hopi reservation in Arizona, Ghana, and Indonesia. A variety of DVDs and CDs have been produced from this work. She is an Assistant Professor at American Public University and an adjunct faculty member at Southern NH University, teaching anthropology, music, world religion, myth and ritual. Past projects include "Refugees & Conflict Resolution in Ghana", and developing websites for the Meyah Preparatory School, Alfred Kpebesaane (a traditional xylophone player from northern Ghana), and the Mbangba Cultural Troupe led by renowned Dagomba dancer Sulley Imoro, also sponsored his 2010 U.S. tour. Cathy has led many cultural tours to Bali, Indonesia, where students learn about Bali-Hindu culture, arts and religion. She is currently conducting research in Bali and working on a variety of micro-loan projects in Indonesia.

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